Sunway Lagoon Cleaner Returned RM8,000 Cash


Last week, a true hero was born after Paruvathy Marutan, 58, found an unattended bag which contained a bundle of money close to RM8,000 in Ringgit and Saudi Riyal while carrying out her duties at Sunway Lagoon’s theme park.

The sweeper and cleaner that has worked there for more than 20 years picked up the bag on Wednesday at the theme park’s tiger’s cage, that also contained three passports belonging to a Saudi family, and without a second thought, surrendered it to the security personnel at the ‘Lost And Found’ counter.

Following her honest act, Aunty Paruvathy became an Internet star when her image went viral on Facebook, with many praising her and hoping the theme park would reward her − and so they did.

Yesterday, Aunty Paruvathy was rewarded with a cheque and hamper in a personalised appreciation ceremony by Sunway Lagoon, which was presented by Tan Sri Razman, Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group for being a ‘real life hero’.

On the Sunway Theme Parks Career & Community Facebook page, the smiling Aunty Paruvathy was pictured alongside Sean Choo (General Manager – Sunway Lagoon Theme Park), Tee Siew Lee (Director of Human Resource – Sunway Theme Parks), Tan Sri Razman (Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group), Calvin Ho (Senior General Manager – Sunway Theme Parks), Aren Coomarasamy(Senior Manager – Operations, Sunway Lagoon) and Sharzede S. Askor (General Manager – Group Corporate Communication, Sunway Group).

The caption read: “Sunway Theme Parks consistently rewards its heroes for their good deeds and acts of heroism.”

This good-hearted woman rightfully deserves all the praise and recognition for her remarkable sense of integrity. Aunty Paruvathy definitely sets a great example to all Malaysians out there, to work hard and work sincerely, and amazing things will happen.

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